Human capital is the greatest asset in any organization. Enabling Solutions is at the forefront in developing and growing people to perform at their very best. We do this by challenging, encouraging and motivating individual contributors or groups to attain their own and corporate goals.

Dr. Robert Parker leads this effort for ESI. Bob is a healthcare executive with over twenty-five years of medical practice and administration experience at the highest levels in the medical profession.

ESI employes three distinctly different methodologies for delivering its healthcare services. They are as follows:

• Consulting

Working with Healthcare Management, we design and deliver solutions that are specific to an organization's needs to increase people productivity and performance.

• Coaching

The goal of coaching is to assist a person in reaching his/her maximum potential. On an individual basis, we work with a person to correct weaknesses that are limiting his/her upside potential and/or to maximize his/her strengths to the organization.

• Training

ESI has found that in many instances, departments or groups within the department simply don't understand how to function as a Team. In this case, ESI designs a specialized training curriculum to address the specific issues as well as the desired team goals.

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